October 31, 2014

Recently, while driving to work, I saw a new for sale sign up at a home in Gimli.  I called Brad, who I knew had just begun his real estate journey, to see if he could get me any information on the house.  Within an hour, he had found the answers to all of my questions, and we had scheduled an appointment for me to look at it. 
While we were looking at it, Brad was informative and patient.  The next day, I had a few more questions about the home, and wanted to have a second look with a friend who has a carpentry background.  Brad found out the answers to my questions again very quickly, and we scheduled a second viewing.
Brad was confident and enthusiastic, and he never once seemed pushy, or assertive like some people say that Realtors can be.  He truly made me feel like he was there to help me make an informed choice and do what was best for me.
One of the best things about Brad is that he works around your schedule. Why that's impressive is because he has a busy professional and personal life which involves as much community service through different organizations/boards as he can fit in, and around all his day to day craziness he schedules all appointments around your schedule and never rushes when he's with you. 

I can't be happier with the property I got and the service I got from Brad. It was the best decision I've made when I first saw that sign at the house. He made things quick and simple.
I look forward to listing my current home with him this week, and expect that the service that he will give me when I am trying to sell will be just as awesome as the service I got when I purchased!
Thanks Brad, you are a genuinely great guy, and I wish you tons of success in your real estate career.

Krista N.